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Justin Ison has worked professionally in illustration, animation, comics, and graphic design, as well as forays into theater, sculpting, music, and stand-up comedy. His client list includes Disney Interactive, Amazon, T-Mobile, Marvel Comics, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central Records, Barsuk Records, Phoenix New Times, and the American Heart Association. In addition to his commercial work, he has shown paintings in galleries in Seattle, Los Angeles, and Phoenix. In 2011, he helped co-found Visual Literacy Workshop, a non-profit which aims to reconnect marginalized individuals with their forgotten creativity and help them tell their story through the visual language of cartoons.

Justin is currently considering all commercial work and private commissions. Justin lives in Seattle, where he can typically be found cooking, playing piano.


Justin Ison
8206 19th Ave NE
Seattle, Wash. 98115
(602) 373-9086

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